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VAT Accounting

We are one of the finest& experienced providers of accounting and bookkeeping services operating in the market for years.According to GCC council directives, UAE was the first country to implement VAT. All the business owners have to record their financial transactions in order to keep the financial records updated and accurate.

The VAT transactions and filings are supervised by FTAIQBALION is now helping businesses to accommodate VAT in their operations of the business providing complete guidance on the affected aspects of your business.There are number of regulations issued for both importers & exporters in different scenarios and conditions and the companies operating domestically.IQBALION will help your business to comply with business industry specific regulations issued by federal tax authority in order to maintain smooth operational activities and avoid any fine and penalties that may incur due to non-compliance or inappropriateness in other sections of the company such as incomplete file management, unstandardized accounting policies, and wrongful submission of Tax Returns.

FTA possess the right to audit your records for accuracy and compliance on 4 days’ notice and could cease your office for 72 hours for inspection in the result of any doubts. Our team can assist you to make sure you marked all the requirements checked and compose your business accordingly.